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Computer Repair Services

Our Computer Repair Services

Pensacola PC Repair can fix your computer in our store or in your home. If you want to bring your computer for a free diagnostic just unplug ALL the cables from the back of your machine and bring it in. We will go over the re-installation of your cables before you take your machine home. If you aren’t comfortable with unplugging your cables, we can arrange a pick up or a house call (Click Here). If you would like a price quote, please email us at

Pensacola PC Repair charges an hourly rate of:

$75.00 PC/Windows based computer repair (1/2 hr min)

and $90.00 an hour for Mac/Apple repair (1/2 hr min)

We offer set prices for certain in-house services including:

  • Basic Software Install and configuration.
  •  Outlook/Quickbooks install and configure.
  •  Basic Optimization.
  •  Advanced Optimization.
  •  Windows Install – with key and without key.
  •  Virus Removal – Standard Includes optimization.
  •  Un-cleanable Virus – System Recovery , OS AND Data.
  •  Un-mountable Hard Drive Data Recovery – If your computer will not  boot we can usually recover your data.
  •  Mountable Hard Drive Recovery – Data recovery if your computer WILL boot.
  •  System Recovery  – Operating system recovery from your recovery partiton, with or WITHOUT data.
  •  House Calls – $60.00 to show up plus 1 hour minimum of bench (Totaling $135) . After the first hour you are billed to nearest :30 minutes.
  •  Pick up and Delivery – Business customers ask about reduced rate. 
  •  Screen Replacement – Screen cost plus 1 hour bench rate. 

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