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Web Services

Our Web Services

We bring over 15 years of web design and support. Pensacola PC can aquire a domain name and manage hosting. Anything from a 2 page online 24/7 "Brochure" to a dynamic site with a built in content management system.

Our standard static "Brochure "site is :

  • 2 pages, your logo (if available if not we can create one)
  • Up to 5 images
  • Custom email set up
  • Initial search engine submission

Total Cost $300.00



Other Web Services are Domain Name Acquisition, Hosting, Graphic/ Logo design, Search Engine Optimization, Content Management and Consulting.

A word of advice - even if you don't use us to get website, please make sure that whoever you go with make YOU the owner of your site and contents. If you have any questions call us 850-725-4012 and ask for Dan. He can help


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